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Alternative lending is creating new opportunities for businesses

The Australian market has seen significant growth in the number of alternative lenders providing secured and unsecured loans to small businesses (SME), and providing new opportunities to underserved customers. The mainstream banks’ approach to SME lending has sometimes been characterised as ‘the slow no’ - time-intensive application processes and high decline rates, creating a market ripe for disruption.

How are today's trends affecting tomorrow's market?

As banks tighten the screws on credit, brokers and loan introducers are working harder than ever to source the right loans and lenders for their clients. As a result, alternative lenders are increasing their market share across a range of loan types.

Download the full discussion paper to understand the trends shaping the lending environment to date, the impact on all market participants and how marketplace lending can provide an avenue for brokers and borrowers to explore alternatives to traditional financing options. 

Reshaping the Lending Landscape

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Our discussion paper identified some key trends in lending

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Macroprudential policies are having an impact

Credit supply has contracted for certain parts of the market - investors, interest-only borrowers, foreign buyers, those with high loan-to-value ratios and property developers.

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The banks have redefined their credit appetites

The concept of 'prime' borrowers and a 'good lend' has changed - all in the face of regulation.


Borrowers need to look at other options, and need guidence

Brokers are working harder than ever to source the right loans for their clients.

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