About Zagga

Who are we?

Zagga is a boutique investment manager and non-bank lender focussing primarily on the Commercial Real Estate Debt (“CRED”) sector. Zagga was founded in 2016 and funded its first loan investment in June 2017. Zagga directly holds both an Australian Financial Services Licence, and an Australian Credit Licence, from ASIC.

Zagga operates with an ‘investor first’ approach, led by a strong executive team and supported by a highly experienced credit and operations teams. Zagga’s objective is to generate high-yielding (in comparison with bank deposits or similar products), alternative investment opportunities through facilitating the funding of high-quality loan transactions. It does this via both a pooled, investment fund model, as well as via a direct, fractional model on its proprietary platform.

Since inception, Zagga has funded almost 150 transactions across a spectrum of loan purposes including business, commercial, residential and property, helping borrowers bring major projects to fruition whilst also providing investors with attractive returns.

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What we deliver

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A fresh alternative to borrowing and investing

The Zagga marketplace enables people to borrow money at transparent rates and with more flexible criteria than those offered through traditional borrowing channels. We can help more borrowers get access to finance by offering secure, mortgage-backed loans for a wide range of loan purposes.

Our marketplace also offers a risk-managed investment opportunity for investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio within Australia, and potentially increase returns, without a direct increase in risk.

As an investor, you'll get access to investment opportunities by way of funding loans to creditworthy borrowers through a trust structure. All loans are secured by real property and you will receive attractive, regular returns, subject to the terms of the investment, whilst retaining absolute control over the types of loans you're prepared to fund, at all times.

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Investor security

Investors make their own decisions every step of the way; you determine the borrower credit score, loan types and level of risk and return to which you are willing to be exposed, for each investment. Each loan you invest in is secured by a registered mortgage over real property.

Additionally, each loan will be housed in a trust structure, thereby protecting investors in each loan against any activities in another loan. It also means that your fractional interest in both the loan and the security, is recorded in your name within the Trust that holds each registered mortgage.

We are proud to be Australia's first fully accredited, mortgage-secured marketplace lender and we go to great lengths to maintain and protect our reputation. We uphold the highest level of compliance in all our processes, have robust systems in place and conduct rigorous credit assessments on all loan applicants.

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Faster turnaround times with complete transparency, control and automation

Unlike other marketplace lenders, we provide an algorithmic matching of the loan's risk grade, type, purpose and security location, with an investor's risk appetite and stated preferences. Once a loan is approved by our experienced credit team, funding is guaranteed and settlement can happen in as little as three business days. There is no need for a borrower to wait around for a loan to be auctioned (funded) which can take weeks or even months!

Our people

The Zagga team bring a wealth of experience from backgrounds in finance, credit and risk management, global banking and commercial strategy.

Jacob Nightingale - Business Development Manager
Colin Hamilton - Senior Manager Credit Risk
Glenn Morris - General Manager Operations
Clive Kirkpatrick - Responsible Manager, ACL
Leonie Chapman - Responsible Manager Legal and Compliance (ACL and AFSL)
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Anthony Kalaf - Responsible Manager Compliance (AFSL)
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